Great Tales From the History of South Texas

Corpus Christi - A History CoverThe history of the Old West has deep roots in South Texas where the Wild Horse Desert was a lawless land controlled by no authority. This western region of South Texas, from San Antonio to Corpus Christi, stretching west and south to the Rio Grande, was the birthplace of the big cattle ranches, the cattle barons, rustlers, hide thieves, outlaws, and bad men operating on both sides of the border. Murphy Givens brings the stories of the Old West to life in “Great Tales From the History of South Texas”

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Murphy Givens has written expanded accounts of important chapters in the history of South Texas from a wider perspective than the more narrowly focused volume on Corpus Christi history. While this book strives to entertain and inform, in equal measure, it is not intended to compete with more scholarly works on the subjects, which are readily available for those who hunger for greater depth and detail. These accounts are based on a wide reading of the best available sources, which are cited by chapter at the end of the book.